Eminem proves you can do anything if you just believe


Eminem has worked his entire life for this moment. He has officially had a word entered in the Oxford dictionary because of a song he wrote. “Stan”, from his song “Stan”, about an obsessed fan named Stan has been given an exact definition and solidified in the ink of the dictionary. Now I’m gonna be honest, I’ve never actually said this or even had it said to me so maybe bigger cities use it more but this came way out of left field for me. Now that I’m aware doe….imma be a stan of everything I used to be a fan for. I stan for the Packers (Go Pack Go), I stan for water,  fuck being a fan, thats pussy shit. Through his entire career, Eminem has won numerous Grammys, Globes, academys, blowjobs, etc but I truly think that this is what he has been aiming for his entire career. Its no secret that he used to just read the dictionary as a young wanna-be rapper to expand his vocabulary and while reading that dictionary he probably made a mission for himself to someday be in the very book he is reading. And now he’s done it, King Em, all hail.  So now that this is actually a word I am all in on it and you should be too.

Be a stan, not a fan. -( . )


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