Truly devious fan destroys Tebow on SEC Gameday today




Absolutely vicious move by this dude to come to the SEC Gameday set for the sole reason of shaming Tim Tebow for his shitty batting average in Single A. He must either be a fan of the St. Lucie Mets and genuinely have a hatred for his shitty stats or he is just a fan of ripping on Tebow because that is pretty popular too. It just kills me to think this guy was at home getting ready for this game. Pulls out his big piece of paper and his thick sharpie. I gotta think he just ballparked his average but I did my big J duty and went and took a peek at Tebow’s stats:


Not a bad guess by this guy. Some might say spot on. And on top of exposing his baseball skill, he calls him Tim… this is just pure evil comical genius and I love every fucking second of it. Thoughtful yet ruthless. Eloquent yet abrupt. SEC brings in on the field and in the crowds and you gotta re2pect that. Suck one Tebow. -( . )





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