Colin Kaepernick attempts to claim collusion among the NFL owners


Colin Kaepernick has filed a grevience for collusion against NFL owners. He claims that there were multiple coaches and general managers that were eager to sign him but then mysteriously drop communication or fail to draw up a contract. 

Obviously there are reasons why Kaepernick has not been signed yet and I am sure that the owners realize he is not worth the backage. It’s not necessarily collusion if they all realize that the pros wouldn’t outweigh the cons and make the business decision to not sign a player. After all, however you wanna look at it, the NFL is just a huge, massive bussiness. The only way Kaepernick even has a chance to win this case is if he had proof, like a recording of multiple owners specifically stating they are working against him, there’s no chance he gains any ground here. He lost his job and now he is grasping at straws. The equality movement thanks you, but the first man through the door always gets shot and Kaepernick is dead. Thanks for starting the conversation though. -( . )


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