J.Law was asked to lose weight and stand naked for the opportunity to get paid to be in a movie and she’s upset? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills

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So in the midst of this Harvey Weinstein exposure, it seems that every actress or actor (Terry Crews) has come out with a story or a memory that supports the fact that Harvey Weinstein was a man very familiar with sexual harassment. Obviously, someone being sexually harassed is a terrible thing for anyone to go through and it seems like it should have been relatively obvious to look at the Hollywood elite and realize they weren’t the most moral people but now that this narrative is out there you have every person and their twice removed aunt claiming that they have been the victim of being sexually harassed. I am not gonna be the one to take anything away from those women that were harassed as I would not wish that traumatization on anyone and i was really torn cause I hate to write blogs on such sensitive topics ( im here for a good time, not a controversial time) but listening to the video of J Law describe her “sexual harassment” is what is wrong with this whole discussion.

In front of a crowd of women, she states 2 instances where she was asked to do things that she considered “sexual harassment”. She claims that earlier in her career she was asked to lose 15 pounds for a film or end up like the actress before her who was fired.  She also claims that a female producer asked her, along with a few other girls, to stand naked (with paste-ons) in a lineup to be judged or whatever. Maybe it’s my brain being on another level than others but how the fuck is this considered sexual harassment??? You are applying for a position to be in a film. A film which is designed around a Directors specific vision has the rights to pick and choose who the hell they want to depict that vision. The director wanted an actress that was 15 pounds lighter for this role and asked you to lose the weight if you want the spot. Where the fuck is the harassment? Go work on a construction site where you wont have to lose a pound or on a manufacturing line where you can sit and put shit together for 8 hours a day, collect your paycheck, and get the fuck out without having anyone comment on your weight. But no, you want to be in a movie, in a public spot, making a ton of money and if your gonna attempt to do that, find a role that perhaps fits your mold. To add insult to injury, she doubles down by saying that she had to stand naked in a lineup next to other women to be inspected. OH MY LORD NO. NO NO NO. Your female produced asked you and the other potential actresses to stand next to each other to examine who might be best for the role??? How dare she. Like this is just ridiculous. At some point, it’s on you to find a job that doesn’t demand as much from yourself as being an A-list Hollywood actress does.  Get over yourself J Law and let the people that were actually damaged to get the help to recover. -( . )



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