Barstool Sports eviscerates hypocritical, former Fansided CEO, Adam Best and since it’s a positive for Barstool no one cares

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Barstool– Folks, meet Adam Best. Until yesterday, I, like many, hadn’t a clue who Adam Best was. That was until he decided to take the moral high ground about a Barstool Twitter post asking if you would fuck a pumpkin. That’s correct- that’s where Adam Best decided to take his stand- because we asked if that pumpkin was tryna get the pipe. Clearly feeling himself because his tweet got a ton of RTs from circle jerk Twitter, he continued in a thread about how terrible Barstool is, how we took the low road to success by being hateful and bigoted, and how men need to speak out against Barstool. Pay close attention to the words he uses, because oh boy the irony is great later on.

Barstool has gone through a fair share of criticism over its history and it certainly is not slowing down as they continue to get bigger and closer to the moon. As they announced the premiere of their new show on ESPN2, Barstool Van Talk, starring the satirically hilarious Pardon My Take boys Big Cat and PFT Commentator it seems that people are coming from all angles to trash Barstool Sports. Now this is nothing new for them to deal with as people attack them for “offensive” blogs and shit they say off the cuff periodically but the past couple weeks has been more of an onslaught than usual. Sexism and misogyny are 2 of the buzz words surrounding Barstool unsurprisingly enough as this is all anyone can ever regurgitate to try to make them look bad.


The most recent attack comes from Adam Best who could actually be considered Adam Worst after reading some of his outrageous tweets (low-hanging fruit). Shown in the picture above, Mr. Worst decided to come at Barstool and ESPN for a sexually explicit blog written about a pumpkin. Yes, a fucking pumpkin. He decided to use this blog, of which the blogger Uncle Chaps has posted many variations of with different foods, to show his disgust that ESPN could criticize Jemele Hill while simultaneously releasing a new show with the Barstool crew.  Unfortunately for him, big bad dogg Eric Nathan was on the twitter machine and had a few free hours to obliterate him. As Nate and his roommate began looking into this man’s twitter history it became pretty apparent that it was Game Over for this guy. Nate began posting screenshot after screenshot after screenshot of this guy posting the most sexist, misogynistic, and incendiary tweet after tweet. Hitting everything from Kobe rape scandal to hot chicks shaking their asses, pornstars, and mocking harassment victims. This guy must be either stupid or fuckin dumb to try to come at Barstool for the SAME EXACT SHIT that he built his original blog on (Fansided). Trying to hop on the bash Barstool train is a hell of a way to try to get clicks but you should probably make sure that you’re not a complete piece of shit when you do try to throw stones.

People coming at Barstool isn’t new news but having said person actually exposed for being an identifiable scumbag with tweet evidence. It seems to remain quiet though… unlike when Barstool is getting trashed for a stupid blog or something that gets picked up by every media outlet and their fuckin mother. No one wants to recognize the fact that Barstool Sports, Inc. is rising consistently every single day and on its way to becoming a POWERHOUSE in the media sports and lifestyle media realm. No one wants to step aside and let them climb but instead will stand in front and get barreled over on their way to the top. Though they have had debatably controversial articles and takes, there has never been serious criminal allegations cast on them and the people that actually have worked with them have nothing bad to say. Emily Rooney of NPR was one of the earliest people to realize this aspect of Barstool but of course does not get the recognition that it should. She conducted an interview with Dave back in 2012 when they were gaining some major exposure for their Blackout EDM tours. She, like most people, was probably just thinking that she’s got an interview with some douchey frat boy that endorses getting fucked and sexual assaulting chicks. According to Dave, much to her chagrin, she was pleasantly surprised to find that dave isn’t some asshole but he’s a businessman that has been grinding since his basement to expand his company to meet the vision he had. 

It seems to be the ongoing theme that the people who end up attacking Barstool don’t really do their research and end up with a fuckin pie in their face. I heard when I was younger to never retaliate cause that’s who gets in trouble but it seems that whenever Barstool retaliates and actually succeeds it happens to fall on blind eyes and deaf ears. Transitioning from the wild wild west that raised the Howard Stern show to the PC culture that inhabits our society today, you will find smack in the middle. A little locker room talk and a few insightful takes. A little bit of sports with a little bit of politics. They manage to mix some informative news or opinions with a with few big pinches of comedy and satire and it makes for entertaining and relatable content. 

Ironically enough, they were criticised for not having any female son payroll but then turns Jenna Marbles into a star and hires a wickedly-talented female CEO in Erika Nardini. Now I am not one of those guys that thinks you need to have every gender and race in the office like fuckin Noah’s arc in order to appear as a diversity-friendly workplace but if they can produce content and bring in the advertisers it shouldn’t matter what color or gender they are. Ironically enough, they were criticised for one of their bloggers writing about how he feels Rihanna has put on weight recently and fired that guy after putting him on immediate suspension. As any other blog would do, Dave came out and stated that one man’s blog does not speak for the whole blog but that didn’t stop these outlets that love to hate from posting articles blasting Barstool sports as a whole. Ironically enough, a woman who was presented with an opportunity to work at Barstool posted a screenshot of their corporate handbook’s policies on content production and the sensitive materials it may contain which is seen as normal practice in most comedic writing rooms or satirical sites. The people bitching about how wrong it was that they try to make her “sign her life away” and that she isn’t allowed to be offended by certain content created by the site basically know and fail to recognize that this is normal practice to provide an open platform for unique content creation. Not that it has gotten to the point where people are offended but as a corporation now, that legal team has to cover every angle of their ass in case legal action became a reality. That’s all it is though is legal bullshit. It obviously doesn’t even come close to relating to the actual culture that exists in the Barstool offices. Two former interns, Ria and Fran of “Chicks in the Office”, have stated multiple times that there has never even been a time where someone came close to a sexually harassing event or something that would have offended them. Rather they celebrate the office’s freedoms and embrace the creative flow that this type of atmosphere allows for. 

They fuckin hate you if they ain’t you and nothing exemplifies this statement more than Barstool Sports. With the #1 podcast network in the galaxy along with millions upon millions of views a day on their content, it easy to hate the guy with the flashy car. But through the fire and the flames, Barstool has forged into a monster and only continues to grow. ESPN has recognized this and taken advantage before they get left behind. One day all these haters will die and another Barstool branch will be resurrected on their graves. By the common man, for the common man has been their slogan since Dave Portnoy was hucking papers and they haven’t strayed since. Go Stool Go. -( . )

PS. shoutout Nate for being a Twitter boss with absolutely nothing to do on a Tuesday night.

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