Altruistic man will help you have a baby, for free! Sperminator sticks to his mission statement

Image result for sperminator

Enter… The Sperminator. Real name Ari Nagal, is a professor who happens to have some very fertile swimmers. Making his name onto the scene now with his appearance on Maury, he sat down to talk about his passion for donating sperm. While you may be thinking that he’s sitting down in a doctor’s office with a properly labeled cup to place the sample in to, you would be sorely mistaken. The Sperminator prides himself on non-discrimination, and service anytime. This means you could be getting your specimen in a red solo cup at a barbeque, in bed with a couple lesbians, or the restroom at a fast food chain. Yes, these are all real examples of ways Ari has delivered on his promise, and yes he really will help out ANYONE. Anyone at all and never accepts any forms of payment other than transportation to their location anywhere in the world.  Any race, sexual orientation, religion, location, size, or shape he will help them get pregnant with their inception method of choice. Sex, or by specimen he’s open to it all and apparently so is his wife who condones the whole thing. With 3 kids with his wife and another 26 with 24 different women, its just nice to see he’s got a strong woman by his side who probably just gets pounded out by other guy’s while he is in Thailand dropping off samples to 2 she-males. Whatever though, more power to him and his wife if they can keep a happy family while he’s out trying to deliver on his mission to foster a child for anyone who wants one. Go get em cowboy. -( . )


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