Bitcoin takes a stumble but theres no need to panic


If you haven’t heard of Bitcoin, you are either not interested in making money or you have your head buried in the sand. Bitcoin is the hottest cryptocurrency of the last decade, and recently it has exploded through some crazy thresholds. Reaching as high as $18,000 for a single Bitcoin yesterday, many people believe that we are in a bubble for the Bitcoin and are just waiting for it to burst. Last night, the Bitcoin dropped more than it has in a while down to almost $14,000 but here’s the thing. Not a lot of people noticed. With the news of “the profitable Bitcoin” circulating, everyone and their brother has wanted to get in to try to make some money and with that, the market becomes saturated with a lot of hold and see type investors. These people just buy it and check it every week or so and don’t truly see the volatility that Bitcoin has. Without referencing GDAX or some Bitcoin monitor, no one would truly know that it got so low and would just see it at the $15,373.10 that it is at of the time of this blog. This is still a drop from the $17,400 we were seeing yesterday but I believe this is actually a good thing and will allow people to buy more before it continues to go out. We have already seen that the market is able to stabilize itself so I think the opportunities for Bitcoin are astronomical. If you haven’t yet, THIS would be the BEST time to get in… even if it throwing 50 or 100 dollars at it. It is something and who knows how high this could go. People have been saying Bitcoin is gonna fall since it was at $4000 and here it is… when will people finally wake up? -( . )

P.S. to illustrate the volatility of Bitcoin, approximately 5 minutes after I typed the above paragraph it has risen to $15,745.48.


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