The word/number hashtags are officially the worst thing out there and I’m done with them



I was here for #re2pect and  I was all-in on #StayMe7o… but Syracuse has gone too far now and I am upset. With the new installation of early signings for Division I college football, teams are hitting their social media accounts to promote who they have coming in and what is in store for next season. While promoting their newly signed recruits, the Syracuse football team has decided to try to get a new hashtag trending with #BEL18VE.

There is no way that a team should be allowed to claim a random number and basically steal it from the rest of twitter. Nevermind the fact that it is a dumb ass use of the year 2018 to begin with, the fact that it has nothing to do with the Syracuse football team is just obnoxious. #re2pect is allowed because Derek Jeter was number 2… makes sense. #stayme7o is allowed because Carmelo Anthony wore number 7 in New York… makes sense. #bel18ve is allowed because Syracuse football is the only team that will be participating in the 2018 football season… NOT. How does any in their media marketing team think that this could make sense? I bel18ve this is a half ass attempt at a marketing ploy to get Syracuse football trending and could have been done much better. It also seems odd to me to use an “8” as an “E”, arent that what the “3”s are for? Come on Cuse, get your shit together. I am disappointed in this lack of effort and would just love to see every other team start to use this as I hope everyone bel18ve’s that this 2018 season will be the one. -( . )


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