Somehow cab drivers think that boycotting Buffalo will make them realize how much we need them… silly cabbies, ride-sharing is the future

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If you live in the Buffalo area or plan to head there for the New Year celebration, you might want to consider downloading a ride-sharing app such as Uber or Lyft.  Liberty Yellow Cabs, one of the biggest cabbing services in the area, has announced that it will go forward with their boycott ultimatum that was proposed to the Buffalo City Council. They claimed that if Uber and Lyft were not regulated the same as taxi cabs by New Year’s Eve they would refuse to pick up or drop off people in the city of Buffalo. As such the city council as not made any adjustments to the policies or requirements of ride-sharing programs and the cabbing service will not be servicing anyone in the city.

My first thought when seeing this… YOU IDIOTS! I guess I can respect the hustle and the HUGE bet they are placing on themselves and the need for their cabbing services but this is about to blow up in their face and they brought it upon themselves. Having them boycott this night where everyone is looking for rides around the city will not only increase the number of Uber and Lyft drivers that sign up strictly to make some extra money on this holiday but will ultimately show the city that the citizens don’t need the yellow cabs anymore. If and when the ride-sharing apps are able to sustain the heavy traffic that will be coming in on NYE, the council and the legislators will see that the future of citizen transportation is in the ride-sharing and will leave the yellow taxis in the past. Never good to see a group of people lose their jobs and in turn their livelihoods but that’s the way of evolution of our society. We are upgrading our lives to eliminate inefficiencies and the cab drivers of Buffalo basically just dug their own graves and are waiting for us to throw all the dirt on them. -( . )


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