Celtics snap Thunder winning-streak with last second 3-pointer

Image result for celtics thunder marcus morris

With a last-second, game-winning shot last night, the Boston Celtics were able to take down the Oklahoma City Thunder and eliminating the Thunders’ hope for a 7-game winning streak. As the Thunder knocked off the Raptors in a high scoring bout earlier this week, this game was a big one for the Celtics to prove that they were still viable competition in the East. After losing 3 of 4, the Celtics did just that and hung with the Thunder until 1.2 seconds left, when Marcus Morris hits a salacious 3-pointer with three fucking defenders within 3 feet of him. Yes, you read that right, Marcus Morris hit the game winner with a pump fake, step aside, 3 point jumper. Impressive enough as it was, there isn’t a chance in hell this was the drawn up play they had and the team confirmed that after the game with Morris telling reporters, “Trying to get Tatum some space to the basket. He was creating the entire game, getting to the rim by will. Get him some space, he kicked it out and I made the shot.”

When asked about the game-winning shot, he simply responded, “Hesitation? I don’t even know how to spell hesitation. Never. He closed out, I pump faked him, stepped to the side and hit the shot.” HA. I fucking love this. The man is honest and tells it like it is and you can have nothing but respect for it. I can barely spell hesitation, I mean doesn’t it sound like there should be an ‘e’ in place of the first ‘i’? Nevertheless, I have spell check for a reason and nevertheless, Morris stepped up (or stepped to the side) and banged home a game-winning shot to erupt TD Garden. Impressive as this performance was by the Celtics, it truly stands out as a defining win when you factor in that Kyrie Irving and Jaylen Brown were both out the entire game. Jaylen Brown is a facilitator and is nice to have on the court but Kyrie is their all-star and the fact they were able to be the star-studded Thunder lineup WITHOUT him says a lot about their team dynamic. They have an outstanding core lineup when no one is hurt but they also possess the ability to step up for each other when someone isn’t there. I mean you lose your starting pointing guard that is averaging 25 points a game and you are still able to beat one of the top 4 teams in the west WHILE they are on a winning streak? Damn. Damn. Damn. A courageous and valiant performance by everyone on the court which will be needed as playoffs are less than a month away and the East starts to heat up. Having the Raptors in first,  the Cavs coming into true playoff physique, and Kyrie and Jaylen playing, it will be incredible to see the matchups in the Eastern Conference playoffs. -( . )


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